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See how our bilingual marketing agency can translate your story or create high-impact content in Spanish.

Changemakers know they need more than just translations to effectively share their stories and content with Latinos and other immigrants. They need a plan to promote those translations, including effective content marketing and publicity. That’s why organizations that want to improve the lives of immigrants look to us for their multilingual marketing needs.

Our sister company, Hook Translations, has translated or produced press releases, brochures, newsletters, videos and websites in Spanish since 2003. Each professional translator holds a four-year degree in translation studies and possesses more than 15 years of experience translating from English to Spanish. Our editing process reflects the highest industry standards.

Together with the bilingual marketers at Hook PR, we have a deep understanding of the diverse Latino community.

Need more than a straight translation?

Your marketing must reflect the diversity of your audiences. Instead of a standard translation, you may need a plain-language version or a cost-effective video. We can evaluate your content to ensure it is culturally sensitive, relevant and in plain language and then transcreate, if needed.

Transcreation is a mix of translating and creating. It goes beyond transferring the content of the message to a second language to include the layout, colors, design and fonts, as well as cultural and linguistic context that suit the target market. During transcreation, the original text might be re-created, adapted or even rewritten.

Count on our creative team to deliver wraparound services. Our competitive rates let you reach your goals at a fraction of the cost of hiring a staff translator or writer or outsourcing to a larger multicultural marketing agency.


Get bilingual content to the right people in the form they prefer.

Your content should drive your mission. Because of our relationship with key Hispanic media outlets and online platforms, it’s easier to ensure that Latinos across the region or nation know how your organization will improve their lives.

Using our cultural connections and insight, we get your content to your Hispanic audience through:

  • Press releases and Latino media outreach

  • Social media posts

  • Video production

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Public service announcements

  • Bilingual marketing plans

Reach new audiences with Hook PR’s bilingual marketing tactics.

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