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How to engage readers with plain language

Gobbledygook. That’s one word to describe language that is hard to understand and unapproachable. Yet that word sums up the result when marketers and other communicators use convoluted language. Content presented in clear, plain language benefits your organization by helping you connect with clients directly [...]

Need a quick website makeover? Start with these 5 easy tips.

You spent a lot of time and money developing your website. It should work for you every day, 24 hours a day, attracting consumers to your business or organization. But does it? Is it clearly explaining what you do? Does it entice customers or clients [...]

Are you a changemaker?

The real leaders of the world usher in changes that improve society and raise the quality of life for everyone. These leaders are changemakers. They think outside the box and implement new approaches and methods to deal with complex challenges. Their compassion and innovation are [...]

Use your ‘About’ page to deepen interest

Website visitors love “About” pages, which offer great opportunities to arouse the interest of prospective customers and make authentic connections. Ironically, though, the About page is one of the hardest to create. The natural inclination is to build your case about why your organization is [...]

Do you relay a clear brand message on your home page?

Your website’s home page is your organization’s virtual business card. It is your visitors’ first impression, and perhaps your only opportunity to connect with a potential client. An ideal website home page message should entice your visitors to keep learning more about you. The home [...]

A quick and easy guide to empathy mapping

Jill is a single mother of two. Her administrative job keeps her at her desk all day. A creature of habit, she continues to eat the same high-calorie fast-food meals that she did in college. Her clothing size has increased steadily over the past 18 [...]

Plain language translations for nonprofits

7 practices to adapt and translate content so that any client can easily understand your services. Nonprofits are often subject to the “curse of knowledge.” You have in-depth expertise about your organization and services. Your reflex (and good intention) is to provide as much information [...]

Find your brand ideal to drive growth and success

As you think about your goals for the year, have you analyzed your “why”? In branding, the need to be purpose-driven has become much more crucial. It’s not enough to know “what” you offer. You need a “why” — and it can’t be a self-serving [...]

Do you know the 3 stages of your buyer’s journey?

Are you providing content that is relevant and helpful to clients as they search for information about services you provide? Termed the “buyer’s journey,” marketing professionals have defined the three distinct stages of the buying process — awareness, consideration and decision. Knowing the three stages [...]

Develop an email marketing strategy in 10 steps

Some email marketing providers make it so easy to send out enewsletters that many people do so without first crafting a strategy. As a result, their campaigns are ineffective or difficult to sustain. An email marketing strategy is one of the most important — and [...]

5 reasons why email marketing is a power tool

You’ve used them all your life — a hammer, screwdrivers, nails and a measuring tape. But when you want to get quicker results, don’t you find yourself grabbing a power tool? The same goes for marketing a business or a nonprofit. You wouldn’t want to [...]

The nonprofit buyer’s journey

Nonprofits are always in the business of attracting more donors. Donors are “customers” and you need to “sell” your cause to them. Just as any customer does, potential donors go through the three stages of the buyer’s journey — awareness, consideration and decision. As potential [...]

6 quick tips to build a nonprofit marketing campaign

As a nonprofit organization, you maintain a presence in the public eye. You constantly reach out to potential donors and those that need to hear your message or use your services. But are you seeing results from your efforts? A new marketing campaign may help [...]

6 questions that lead to a content strategy

When it comes to marketing, are you a sailor who boards a ship without a rudder or a compass? The voyage may be exciting. But do you always get to where you want and need to go? As you start to think about how you [...]