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Unsure about your brand message strategy? Join us on a branding expedition to find your big catch!

When you want to take your organization to the next level, it’s crucial to understand your current brand and decide how it will evolve. A well-crafted brand message will succeed in telling your unique story and relaying the distinct promise you are making to your clients and prospects. If you’re not sure about your story, neither are your clients — and they’re less likely to care about what you do.

A clear brand message strategy will guide your organization and help you prosper.

We call the process “Going on a Fishing Trip.” When we’re done with this brand-strengthening journey, we’ll return with a huge catch: your refined brand message strategy and platform, also known as your organization’s biggest asset.

To develop an effective brand message strategy and a unique selling proposition, we’ll dive into your target audience so that we’re not making the common mistake of casting a net that is too wide and ineffective to reel in the right clients or donors. With a clear target, it’s much easier to determine what problems they might have that you can solve.

Your new brand message strategy will speak to the logic and emotions of your prospects.

To strengthen your brand, we’ll study your assets and develop a brand messaging blueprint that contains, in one document, your:

  • Mission and vision

  • Target audience

  • Differentiation attributes

  • Brand essence and promise

  • Brand characteristics

  • Positioning statement

  • Brand message hierarchy chart

  • Elevator pitch

  • Elements of your visual brand identity

We’ll couple your brand message with strong images to stir the emotions of your target audiences.

With our creative graphic designers, we can make your organization’s story more compelling to clients and prospects.

Our innovative design group is forward thinking and cost effective. We’ll create visuals that round out your message and brand in a way that lingers in the minds of target readers. Call on us to develop:

  • Identity: logos and letterheads

  • Print collateral: brochures, rack cards, postcards, newsletters

  • Digital: websites, videos, enewsletters, banners for media

  • Foundational messages: mission statement, vision statement, positioning statement, tagline

You’ll never regret taking this fishing trip with us.

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