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Unsure about your brand message?
Join us on a branding expedition.

Your brand is your story. If you’re not sure about the distinct promise you’re making to clients and supporters, they’re less likely to care about what you do.

To build your brand, you must simplify your positioning and describe it in a way that is relevant to the people you want to reach. We call the process “Going on a Fishing Expedition.” When we’re done with this brand-strengthening journey, we’ll return with a huge catch: your Master Brand Story. We’ll describe the most important elements of your brand and your brand narrative in a single document. Your Master Brand Story will clarify what you do in a way that appeals to your ideal client.

With your Master Brand Story well documented, you’ll no longer have to worry about how to describe your organization and services in a press release or on a grant application.

Embark on a journey to identify your organization’s
persuasive differentiators.

Together we’ll gather the information to document your organization’s Master Brand Story. In our brainstorming session with your team, we’ll:

  • Study your current branding strategy and assess what’s working, what needs to change and where opportunities sit.

  • Discuss your organization’s past and future.

  • Understand how your competition positions itself.

  • Identify ways you can further differentiate in a busy marketplace.


Then sit back while we build your Master Brand Story.

In a single document, you will have all the language needed to describe your organization to prospects, clients, donors and funders. You’ll also be able to use a consistent tone and message across all your collateral, website and social media platforms.

Your Master Brand Story will explain:

  • Who needs your services
  • What problems you solve – and how you do it better than your competition does
  • What your brand promise entails

  • What differentiators and values will help you stand apart, including your brand personality
  • Why prospects should trust you and work with you
  • What success looks like for your clients after they engage with you

You’ll also receive valuable deliverables.

We use your Master Brand Story to develop website text and collateral that speak to the needs of your clients and encourage them to take positive action. Specific deliverables include:



The one-page story that you use in your About page or on grant applications that clearly describes what inspired the formation of your organization, why you matter and how you transform the lives of your clients.


Brand Messaging

A key document that contains your positioning statement, differentiation attributes, target audience descriptions (personas), values, personality, brand essence and tagline.



A useful marketing tool that conveys your compelling new message and inspires prospects to learn more about you.

Take your brand to new depths with a clearly defined Master Brand Story.

Let’s talk.