Are you a changemaker?

The real leaders of the world usher in changes that improve society and raise the quality of life for everyone. These leaders are changemakers. They think outside the box and implement new approaches and methods to deal with complex challenges. Their compassion and innovation are the seeds of social change. But what does it really [...]

Use your ‘About’ page to deepen interest

Website visitors love “About” pages, which offer great opportunities to arouse the interest of prospective customers and make authentic connections. Ironically, though, the About page is one of the hardest to create. The natural inclination is to build your case about why your organization is so wonderful, detailing all of your team credentials and accomplishments. [...]

Do you relay a clear brand message on your home page?

Your website’s home page is your organization’s virtual business card. It is your visitors’ first impression, and perhaps your only opportunity to connect with a potential client. An ideal website home page message should entice your visitors to keep learning more about you. The home page must grab and keep visitors’ attention with language that [...]

A quick and easy guide to empathy mapping

Jill is a single mother of two. Her administrative job keeps her at her desk all day. A creature of habit, she continues to eat the same high-calorie fast-food meals that she did in college. Her clothing size has increased steadily over the past 18 months. Bob is a recently retired music teacher. For 30 [...]

Give your website a mini usability makeover to improve its usefulness

You spent a lot of time and money developing your website. It should work for you every day, 24 hours a day, attracting consumers to your business or organization. But does it? Is it clearly explaining what you do? Does it entice customers or clients to read through the information? Does it invite and encourage [...]

Find your brand ideal to drive growth and success

As you think about your goals for the year, have you analyzed your “why”? In branding, the need to be purpose-driven has become much more crucial. It’s not enough to know “what” you offer. You need a “why” — and it can’t be a self-serving focus on increasing the bottom line. In an article published [...]

To build your brand, voice and tone matter!

If writers-in-training repeatedly hear a piece of advice, it’s to find their voice. Voice is the author’s unique personality as conveyed through his or her writing, whether whimsical, dead serious or (as usually the case) somewhere in between. For organizations, developing a brand voice is just as important. Voice is determined by style and use [...]

The nonprofit buyer’s journey

Nonprofits are always in the business of attracting more donors. Donors are “customers” and you need to “sell” your cause to them. Just as any customer does, potential donors go through the three stages of the buyer’s journey — awareness, consideration and decision. As potential donors become aware of an issue, they will search for [...]

6 quick tips to build a nonprofit marketing campaign

As a nonprofit organization, you maintain a presence in the public eye. You constantly reach out to potential donors and those that need to hear your message or use your services. But are you seeing results from your efforts? A new marketing campaign may help carry your message farther and wider. These tips will help [...]

Want thoughtful content? Hire journalists

Marketing guru David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, say journalists are best suited for developing great content. As an experienced journalist, I couldn’t agree with him more! Read his logic below, as it appeared on his blog, Attention marketers: Hire a journalist! On the speaking circuit when [...]