Is your multicultural marketing speaking to cross-cultural audiences?

If you doubt that the face of America is changing, visit an elementary school. The U.S. Census Bureau projected years ago that by 2020, 50.2 percent of children under age 18 would be ethnic minorities. In many states, including Delaware, that day has arrived early. The next huge shift: by 2040, people of color will [...]

Plain language translations for nonprofits

7 practices to adapt and translate content so that any client can easily understand your services. Nonprofits are often subject to the “curse of knowledge.” You have in-depth expertise about your organization and services. Your reflex (and good intention) is to provide as much information as possible, in terms you’re most familiar with. The problem? [...]

Are your translations effective?

Getting your organization’s content translated into a target language can be a challenge. Then you must determine if the translations are effective. The easiest way for a nonprofit manager to test the translation effectiveness is by asking a simple question: Does the translation sound like a translation? If it does, the translation is generally considered [...]