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Build a solid content strategy in half a day.

Our Content Compass program is a road map to success for leaders of nonprofits and professional services firms who, until now, have been piecing together marketing tactics. In this compact mapping session, you’ll hone the skills and confidence you need to tell your story and share your expertise across multiple platforms. Plus, you’ll learn how to become a respected authority and trusted brand in your field.

During our half-day content mapping sessions, we’ll work with you to gather insight about your organization, stakeholders and goals. Using this information, we’ll create a strategic content marketing map that aligns with your broader organizational goals.

Receive everything you need to head in the right direction.

Content marketing — sharing your knowledge and successes — has become the smartest, most cost-effective way to build your brand and influence change in a busy marketing landscape. But with so much work, you can’t find the time to develop a plan.

With our Content Compass, you’ll receive:

  • An ideal client profile (also known as a buying persona) to help you understand your clients’ wants and needs.

  • A content marketing mission statement that describes your core audience target, the content you will deliver and the outcome for the audience.

  • A brand messaging overview that identifies your three principal messages so you can use them consistently in all the content you share.

  • An outline of the recommended content channels that establishes clear objectives for each channel.

  • An SEO keyword list to clarify top keywords and strengthen your search engine efforts.

  • A social media strategy that identifies where you will invest your energy and why.

  • An editorial calendar with a 90-day schedule of weekly topics for blogs, newsletters and social media posts.

  • A recommended analytics system to track goals and ensure the effectiveness of your content plan.

  • A personalized workbook that reminds you of best practices as you continue to implement your content marketing strategy.

  • A checklist outlining what to keep in mind as you develop your content strategy over the next year.


Get results with our approach to content strategy.

Hook PR Group can provide you with superior content marketing expertise. We’re experienced storytellers trained in the best industry practices, and we excel at delivering informative, compelling content across multiple platforms. If you want to ensure a successful 2018, now is the time to work with us on your Content Compass.

It’s time to create a content strategy that aligns with your broader goals.

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