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You focus on your organization. We’ll focus on promoting it.

From brainstorming promotion ideas to writing website content and enlarging your social network, we’ll take the helm. You’ll be relieved of the task of developing and managing monthly marketing activities. Instead, you’ll see your organization engage with your prospects and clients every week of every month through an active campaign that includes PR, email marketing, social media, videos and more.

Let’s design a marketing campaign that works for you.

Every organization’s needs are unique, particularly for changemakers who are also looking to make a difference.
To develop an effective campaign, we’ll:

Assess marketing strategy and goals

We need to know what tactics have worked and which have failed. Then we’ll set measurable goals.

Identify target audiences

When you know exactly to whom you’re speaking, it’s much easier to understand what you want them to know and, most importantly, what action they need to take.

Determine the obstacles

What could potentially keep prospects from responding to your call to action? Addressing these in your messaging is important.

Craft your brand narrative

Before creating anything, we need clarity on your brand story. The one-page brand narrative describes why you matter and how you transform the lives of your clients.


Depending on your needs and your budget, a campaign could include:

Whether you need a promotional campaign or an awareness campaign, we’ll help you ensure that your message is well-received by the greatest number of people who need what you have to offer.

Interested in spreading the word about your organization?

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