The nonprofit buyer’s journey

HookPR_Nonprofit_buyers_journey_01Nonprofits are always in the business of attracting more donors. Donors are “customers” and you need to “sell” your cause to them. Just as any customer does, potential donors go through the three stages of the buyer’s journey — awareness, consideration and decision.

As potential donors become aware of an issue, they will search for more information about it, often in the form of a question. For instance, they may type into the search engine “Who is homeless in Delaware?” or “How does Parkinson’s disease affect the body?”

Are you answering the questions that your potential donors would ask in the nonprofit buyer’s journey?

In order to draw donors to your site, and to your cause, you need to be exact with your answers. Homeless people in Delaware are people who have lost their jobs and homes, people who have mental or personality disorders, etc. Parkinson’s disease affects the ability of the patient to move by causing nerve cells in the brain to malfunction, etc.

You can find which questions people are asking about an issue by using the free keyword suggestion tools, such as (Do a search and filter results by selecting “Only questions” in the menu on the left.)

If you’re not crafting content that search engines will pull up on the first page, you’re missing the opportunity to connect with potential donors.

Make sure you’re there, on the first page with the first click, with insightful, valuable information they can grab on to. Creating content that organically appears in a prospect’s search engine is your priority in marketing to potential donors.

If you’re not answering the questions that would arise in the nonprofit buyer’s journey, you are far less likely to be a player in the consideration stage, which, in the decision stage, leads to donations. When your organization appears at or near the top of the search results, you’re viewed as a genuine trustworthy resource and worthy organization, which fosters brand loyalty. This is where you want to lead your inquisitive “buyers.”

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