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Share stories that inspire action.

Nonprofit storytelling is crucial in both digital and print content to better educate clients, share successes with donors and spark action in both groups. But with so many other tasks on your plate, it’s hard to find the time to tell your own story.

Hook PR’s nonprofit storytellers can help identify those stories that capture attention, spotlight inspiring characters, describe their conflict and celebrate their successes. For a story to be effective, it must reflect the mission, values and voice of your organization in a way that humanizes what you do and what you offer.

It’s crucial to also define the goals for the content that we create for you, whether it’s educating target consumers, nurturing relations with donors, raising brand awareness or generating more leads. Because ultimately your content should produce measurable results.

Earn trust and build relationships.

It’s easy when we put ourselves in the shoes of your advocates, donors, clients and volunteers to determine how they would benefit from a deeper understanding of your brand. Good storytelling reassures them that your cause is worth the investment of their resources.

To stay involved with your cause, stakeholders want to feel an emotional and intellectual connection. Give them what they want! We can help you fulfill their needs, with creative nonprofit storytelling services for:

Annual reports

Case statements

Email newsletters

Press releases

Print newsletters

Video storytelling

Receive strategy, writing, editing and design — all in one place.

You can count on us for a full range of marketing and communications services, from strategy to execution.

In concert with our creative team of graphic designers, web developers and videographers, we can make your nonprofit story more compelling to clients and prospects.
Our innovative design group is forward-thinking and cost-effective. We’ll create visuals that round out your message in a manner that lingers in the minds of your target readers.

Do you have nonprofit storytelling projects that could be outsourced to experienced professionals?

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