5 reasons why email marketing is a power tool

HookPR_Powerful_email_marketing_01You’ve used them all your life — a hammer, screwdrivers, nails and a measuring tape. But when you want to get quicker results, don’t you find yourself grabbing a power tool?

The same goes for marketing a business or a nonprofit. You wouldn’t want to launch a new marketing project without making use of the most efficient time-saving tools. That would be like struggling with your grandfather’s hand saw when you can do the job quicker and easier with a power saw.

Email marketing is the power tool of marketing  it’s fast, efficient, and gets the job done with ease.

Let’s nail down the facts:

1. Email marketing yields an average 4,300 percent return on investment for businesses in the United States. (Direct Marketing Association)

2. Companies using email to nurture leads generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads and at 33 percent lower cost. (Hubspot)

3. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. (ExactTarget)

4. Email is nearly 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers. (McKinsey & Company)

5. Around 95 percent of those who opt into email messages from brands find these messages somewhat or very useful. (Salesforce)

Make the most of this versatile multitasker.

Email marketing enables you to proactively communicate with your existing customers, prospects or members instead of passively waiting for them to return to your website, visit your store or office or call you on the phone. Repeat customers, spend, on average, 67 percent more than new customers.

When you add email to your marketing toolbox, you spend less time, money and resources than with traditional marketing vehicles (e.g., direct mail or print advertising). And, with email marketing, you can see the results of your efforts instantly.

Just as a power tool is a must for many types of repair jobs throughout the home,  email marketing also has tremendous versatility and usefulness.

Email is more powerful than ever thanks to social media. And smart marketers share email content on their social media channels in strategic ways. Social media, after all, is that darling tool that keeps fans and followers engaged, educated and enlightened.

But it’s really the email marketing campaign that does the heavy work and moves the conversation to true conversion. And that’s when you start seeing meaningful results!

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