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Does your website relay your true story?

If you’ve made the mistake of developing a website without a strategy — and if your current site doesn’t communicate what makes you unique — Hook PR’s website storytelling services are for you. Most website design firms focus on layout and functionality — and, sometimes, bells and whistles. You end up with a beautiful website, but the text doesn’t speak to your clients or appear prominently in search engine results.

Our approach to website design and copywriting (we call it website storytelling) starts with a thorough understanding of your goals and the needs of your clients. Your website text must clearly define how your service will improve their lives.

Whether you want to rewrite your website text
or design a new website,
we’ll help you identify the hooks
that lead to a compelling website story.


How we approach website design and copywriting.

You’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness we put into developing your website. Here’s what we do:

  • Assess your website’s current content to determine if pages should be removed, which content to revise, where to move content and whether new content is needed.

  • Compare your online performance against that of your top competition.

  • Meet with you to discuss your business goals and how to engage your audience.

  • Study your brand and the emotions you want that brand image to evoke. We will use language and graphics that appeal to those emotions as we rework your content.

  • Identify your audience to determine what your ideal website visitors want. We map their needs and the steps they might follow to find the necessary information to make a decision (also known as the buyer’s journey).

  • Structure your web pages to meet the needs of your clients and your overall goals.

  • Write compelling and persuasive website copy that includes SEO keywords to ensure better placement in web searches.

  • Create custom graphics and, if needed, a logo redesign to give your brand a makeover. We also use original photographs of you or your business to help prospects make a connection.

  • Design your home page and all interior pages for you to review. We solicit your comments, questions and suggestions, and we give you our professional opinion to develop your final product.

All our websites are mobile-responsive on the WordPress platform for ease of browsing for mobile and tablet users, and they’re linked to your social media marketing platforms.


If you have a website but need to tell a better story,
our rewrite services include:

  • Website assessment and strategy

  • Revised text for key pages

  • SEO-friendly text with titles and meta descriptions

  • Strategic calls to action for every page

Want stronger more effective website design and copywriting?

Let’s talk.