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Want thoughtful content? Hire journalists

Marketing guru David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR, say journalists are best suited for developing great content. As an experienced journalist, I couldn’t agree with him more! Read his logic below, as it appeared on his blog, [...]

Tips and tricks for telling a winning nonprofit story

You have a great nonprofit story to tell your potential clients or donors about your organization and its successes. But are you telling it in the best way possible so that it touches the hearts and minds of your readers? Does it motivate them to [...]

5 tips to create content like a journalist

The techniques of a brand journalist have become a more respectful way to communicate with today’s informed customers and reap positive results. Brand journalism focuses on the consumer and provides truthful and interesting content that gains the customer’s trust. Developed just in the last decade, [...]

Are your translations effective?

Getting your organization’s content translated into a target language can be a challenge. Then you must determine if the translations are effective. The easiest way for a nonprofit manager to test the translation effectiveness is by asking a simple question: Does the translation sound like [...]